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Everyone Deserves Easter

How was your Easter? If you live in Swansea, there’s a good chance it was made happier by Carolyn Harris.

Starting on March 3rd, and for the five weeks leading up to the Easter Holiday, Carolyn managed a campaign to donate food hampers and Easter Eggs to families around the city. Coordinating activity across local schools and community centres, Carolyn and her team distributed fresh food, ingredients and Easter treats to hundreds of families.

After a challenging winter, many of us are still facing up to a cost-of-living crisis that’s making it more and more difficult to put food on the table. Last December, Carolyn’s Everyone Deserves a Christmas campaign offered a huge boost to Swansea families when they needed it most.

Everyone Deserves Easter was just as successful and just as timely. The People’s Library was proud to be a partner, playing our small part in this initiative by distributing hampers and chocolate to families in Swansea East.

We saw the smiles on children’s faces.

We saw the relief and gratitude in parents’ eyes.

We won’t forget it.

Everyone deserves Easter. Everyone deserves Christmas. And everyone deserves a compassionate, hard-working Member of Parliament who goes the extra mile for their constituents, day in, day out. Most people don’t have one. In Swansea East, we do, and we’ll never take it for granted. Thanks Carolyn.


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