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Wishing Well

Getting healthier, with a little help from our friends

The Penderi Local Cluster Collaborative (LCC) is made up of six medical practices delivering care to over 38,000 people in Blaenymaes, Portmead, Treboeth, Fforestfach, Ravenhill, Brynhyfryd, Manselton, Gendros and Penlan.

It also covers four dental practices, eight pharmacies, five opticians, nine primary schools and two secondary schools. It covers a lot of ground and supports a lot of people, and the professionals at the heart of it are always looking for new ways to do it as effectively and engagingly as possible.

On March 31st they took a major step forward.

Penlan Leisure Centre was the venue for the inaugural Community Health and Wellbeing event, bringing together healthcare providers, community organisations and members of the public with the common goal of improving our physical and emotional health in achievable, user-friendly ways. In creating a welcoming communal atmosphere, the LCC team laid the foundation for attendees to speak openly and listen receptively.

Emma Shears, exhibiting for Local Area Coordination, saw the benefits for herself:

“It quickly became obvious that members of the public were responding positively, because the LCC team were speaking with them, not talking at them, and all of the exhibitors followed suit. Anna, Sawndarya, Caroline and Dawn from the LCC management team set exactly the right tone for the day, and potential service users were clearly comfortable engaging with exhibitors from support organisations equipped to answer just about any health and wellbeing question they might ask.”

In the wrong hands, an event that showcases heathier living could easily appear judgmental. Because the LCC team are fully engaged with the community and have earned public trust, that was never an issue. Free fitness classes, workshops and talks showcased the many ways we can choose a healthier, more active and more rewarding lifestyle. Emma Shears, for one, is eagerly anticipating the next event:

“Anna Tippett has spoken of making this a regular event, and I believe everyone who attended today will want to be involved next time. A lot of hard work went into organising this day and it was so good to see it paying dividends. Whenever the next event takes place, Anna – and I hope it’s sooner rather than later – you can count me in.”

You can count the People’s Library in, too. Thank you to Anna, Sawndarya, Caroline, Dawn and everyone who made this such a positive, impactful day.


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