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The People's Library
Good things come to those who DO
Let's get connected
Let's get included

Getting Creative

We're underlining our commitment to everyone in our communities with

a series of projects harnessing creative talent and fuelling ambition.

Projects include:

Green Light 

We're running a series of environmental projects that are raising

awareness of green issues and make a positive change.

Join with us in our Project Green Light campaign.


Swansea Visions Art and Photography Exhibitions 

As partners of Race Council Cymru and the Swansea Grand Theatre, we're delighted to showcase creative talent in art and photography exhibitions.

Email us at to find out more.

The Poetry of Inclusion

Many of the most engaging new voices in British poetry belong to authors who are recent arrivals, and can help us see our country and hear our language in different ways. We're celebrating that freshness in the poetry of Aruni McShane, whose first book,"Purity and Hope", was published in June 2023.     

Still You

We're working in partnership with Social Services to create art projects for older people suffering from dementia. By recreating images and memories from different stages of their lives, we're reminding them of the rich lives they've led.

The People's Library's mesage is simple - you're still you.     

Swansea Voices

Sometimes our friends want us to tell their stories for them. 

Sometimes they just need an opportunity to stand up and speak for themselves. Why not come to a Swansea Voices event and hear from the people who are setting the tone for this city and this country in the 2020s? 

Better still, why not be one of them? Either way, we'd like to meet you.


Taking the Next Steps

Thank you for embracing the People's Library in South Wales. We're now reaching out to communities around the UK, telling their stories and celebrating their lives.

Watch this space. 

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