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Green Light

We're giving positive environmental action
the green light. Are you with us?

Climate change prior to the industrial revolution was triggered by variations in earth’s orbit that altered the levels of solar energy reaching our planet.

20th and 21st century changes are different, dramatic, and a direct result of human activity. Global temperatures are climbing, ice sheets are shrinking, sea levels are rising, glaciers are retreating, and ocean acidification is increasing.

Working side by side with our community partners, the People's Library is running projects that make a difference. 


Would you like to become a People's Library Citizen Scientist? We're offering training and support in environmental issues and action, and setting the following challenges:

  • Write and present a talk on the environmental issue of your choice

  • Choose an environmental project from a list of options

The first Citizen Scientist awards were made in MarchContact us to find out more.

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