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Could You be a Citizen Scientist?

We like positive words. We love positive action.

Two of the community leaders who attended the Green Initiative meeting of March 9th wasted no time in getting a project underway. The People’s Library’s Citizen Scientist programme recognises individuals who deliver science projects that benefit the city. On March 23rd Craig Roberts and Will Jones marked Earth Hour by becoming Swansea’s first Citizen Scientists, specialising in environmental science. Earth Hour, the annual call for positive green action, came at a good time for Craig and Will. After their thoughtful input on March 9th, they immediately took the next steps. Choosing 12pm to 1pm as their dedicated hour, they used the time to start a community flower garden. Using planters made from 100% recyclable material and organic soil, they planted a selection of summer-flowering dahlia and begonia bulbs. More bulbs and seeds will be added over the coming weeks, and each flower that grows will be named after an important person in Craig and Will’s lives. 

One very important person in their lives is Josh Hughes. Josh has been a support worker with Community Lives Consortium for seven years, and is committed to helping Will and Craig live the fulfilling lives they deserve.

In Josh's own words:

“It doesn’t surprise me to see the guys showing such strong, enthusiastic leadership. They are loved and respected in the community and they care deeply about important issues. When they told me they’d attended the Green Initiatives meeting and wanted to do something positive, I knew good things were coming.”

When Will and Craig speak about Josh, it’s clear how much they value his unselfish dedication.

“Josh is always there when we need a friend, and he gives us the confidence to do new things” Will shared on Saturday.

Craig is in full agreement.

“Josh is always doing good things for us, always on our side and making things better”.  


Community Lives Consortium is in its fourth decade as a champion of people with disabilities. The key to its success is the capacity not only to support service users but to value their talent and enable it to flourish.


Josh Hughes sees that talent every day and is proud to work for an employer that nurtures it.

“After seven years in the job I still wake up every morning full of optimism for what the day can bring. That comes from working with great guys like Craig and Will, and from being part of an organisation that is completely focused on making people’s lives better.”   

For anyone seeking that kind of job satisfaction, Community Lives Consortium is currently recruiting for support workers.

Every project needs leaders. Through the Green Light project we look forward to celebrating many more Citizen Scientist awards in 2024.

For now, we’re happy to thank Community Lives Consortium for encouraging talented people to become community leaders. And we’re happiest of all to thank Will Jones and Craig Roberts, Swansea’s first Citizen Scientists.

Congratulations, guys.


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