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A Glimpse of Summer

The boldness of the season

And brightness of the skies

The colours around the houses

And sounds from the streets

The cleanliness of the environment

And greenery of the fields

The singing of butterflies and bees

That suck and dance on roses

Gardens are glowing with flowers

And pavements smell so sweet

Of ranunculus and herbaceous plants

And hanging baskets of plug plants

While birds chirp by windows.

Parks and beaches are congested

And streets are full of cars

All hotels are booked

As the city is full of tourists

The malls and shops are busiest

And fashion is on the trend

No one is lazy in summer

And none is left behind

Everybody talks of summer

With love and nostalgia

From the cuteness of attires

To the boldness of colours

The elegance of shapes

And attractive silhouettes

Age is just a number

As onlookers profess

The freshness of the mornings

Is lighted by the drizzling

And coldness of the summer rains

That melt and lead the day

Yes, everyone dreams of summer.

Dr Tarh Martha Ako Mfortem



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