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Behind the Uniform

Among the attendees you’ll usually find at Manselton and Cwmbwrla community events are our local Police Community Support Officers.

Dan, Claire, Ffion and Tasha are a constant, reassuring presence at local events, building relationships, earning trust and sharing the message that being a good friend and neighbour is a key step towards shaping a happy, supportive community.

Twenty years after PCSOs were first introduced on Britain’s streets, the value they add in this part of Swansea has never been clearer. Local groups and charities all have stories to tell about the help they’ve received, and the Winter Warmers project has benefited from the PCSO team’s support from the beginning.

There are places where the police don’t have a reputation for reaching out to local communities, engaging with people of all ages and listening to their concerns. Places where people in uniform are seen as the enemy. Thanks to Dan, Claire, Ffion and Tasha, Cwmbwrla is precisely the opposite. It's a place where people don’t just see the uniform. They see the decency and professionalism of the people behind the uniform, who work tirelessly to ensure that residents from all walks of life have good reasons to believe that their streets are safe, and that they can walk them with friends at their side.

This feels like a good time to say thank you, from all of us.


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