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Calling All Young Artists

Following the successful launch of her photography exhibition “My Swansea, My People, My Life” Nathaly Buitrago was offered the inaugural People’s Library Arts Scholarship, an annual financial award to a young person living in Swansea wishing to pursue a project in the arts.

To our surprise, Nathaly turned the offer down. We’ll let her explain why.

“Swansea has been very good to me and my family, and we love our life here. I don’t need this money. I have the love of my family and my community, they give me all the inspiration I need and I have a camera to capture the beauty of this wonderful city and its people. I would prefer the scholarship to go to another young person to help them pursue their dreams.”

In honour of this gifted and generous young artist and the family who’ve helped to make her what she is today, we’re proud to announce that next month we will award the inaugural Buitrago Arts Scholarship. The award is open to any Swansea resident under the age of 20 who wishes to show and share their creative talent.

If you know a young person with a talent for writing, painting, drawing, dancing, singing, musicianship, photography, film-making or any other art form, and you want to help them take an important step forward, send us your nomination.

All we need from you is the name of your nominee, the arts project they’ll use the award for, and a statement from you of not more than 250 words telling us why you think they deserve it.

Email your nominations to or via our website contact page by 5pm on Friday April 28th. The Buitrago family will review the nominations and make their decision, and we’ll announce the winner at a special event over the Coronation Bank Holiday weekend of May 5th – May 7th.

In the meantime, let’s say thank you to the Buitrago family for inspiring young artists, not only with their work but with their kindness.

Gracias Roxana, Daniel, Rebecca y Nathaly


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