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Creator, Mentor and Friend

Roger Janes is a man on a mission

It’s satisfying to identify a talent.

It’s more satisfying to use it, and it’s more satisfying still to use it in a way that benefits others.

Just ask Roger Janes

Roger became a friend of the People’s Library in the summer of 2022 when his talent for photography motivated us to organise an exhibition at the Swansea Grand Theatre. Roger’s photos were featured alongside the photos of his friends in the St Phillips Group that meets each Wednesday. Between them they produced a collection of images that showcased the city at its finest. The success of that event gave Roger a taste of what he could achieve, not only as an artist but also as a mentor. Among the many visitors to the theatre who enjoyed his work during the eight-week exhibition were other photographers who were inspired to create exhibitions of their own.

Now Roger is going one step further and using his creativity to directly support vulnerable people in South Wales. The People’s Library’s art projects in partnership with the public sector have created a need for high quality design work, and Roger has volunteered his services.

Roger’s success is a source of pride to old friends as well as new friends. He’s been a Community Lives Consortium service user for many years and is quick to acknowledge the platform they give him. At the Consortium’s May meeting for Roger’s locality, he delivered a presentation sharing his accomplishments with the people whose support has meant so much.

In recent months Roger has met with Social Services managers and shared a range of exciting design ideas.

His knack for bringing a project to life with a well-chosen image puts him at the top of our list for project support.

His ability to build rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds makes him welcome in every room he walks into.

His optimism is infectious, and now that he’s found his niche there’s no stopping him.

Remember the name Roger Janes. You’ll be hearing it again.


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