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Dressed For Success

First days are exciting. First days at school and first days at work are times to feel good about ourselves and make a positive impression. Sharon Rouse is on a mission to help women and children share in that confidence, and the support she offers through GROW Cymru is making a difference across all age groups.

Based in St David’s Square in Swansea city centre, GROW Cymru’s offices and training rooms are easily accessible, and Sharon ensures a warm welcome. If you’re looking for school uniforms for the new academic year, there are good quality items available here priced at £1 each. Call into the office, just around the corner from Iceland, fill out a form with your requirements, and Sharon and her team will fulfil your order with washed, ironed, good-as-new clothes.

If you have uniforms in good condition that your children have grown out of, all donations are gratefully received. And with colder weather just around the corner, warm coats are on offer here at just £5 each.

As well as helping young people look their best, GROW Cymru is proving to be a place of invaluable support for jobseekers and other women looking for a new sense of purpose.

At GROW Cymru, job coaching, work clothing, personal development courses, wellness activities and free sanitary products are making life easier and bringing achievements within reach for Swansea’s women.

The UK government’s 2022 Gender Pay Gap report confirmed that, on average, women in this country are paid 10% less than men doing the same jobs. The gap is narrowing, but it really shouldn’t exist at all. There are people in our community working tirelessly to create opportunities and help talented women use their skills. No one is working harder than Sharon Rouse.

GROW Cymru is offering a hand of friendship and support. This is a very good time to accept it.


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