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The Elysium Gallery – where artists find a home

There are cities, in the UK and around the world, in which art is inaccessible to many residents. Many of these cities are famous for their art and artists, but they fail to include and inspire the wider population.

Swansea isn’t one of those cities, and the Elysium Gallery is a shining example of popular, challenging art being made available to anyone who wishes to experience it. Elysium is a not-for-profit social enterprise that offers valuable work spaces for artists who are nurtured and then exhibited, and also opens its doors for people of talent in other fields.

One of the key strengths of the Elysium is that creative decisions are made by a management team who fully understand the creative process. Director Jon Powell, a graduate of Swansea College of Art, is an accomplished painter. Education Officer Lucy Donald’s paintings, printworks and sculptures have lit up many exhibitions. It’s no surprise that they’ve turned the Elysium into a hotbed of activity.

In October 2022, for example, history, conflict and sweeping social change are put under the microscope with the Land of Change exhibition in the gallery bar. Kicking off the exhibition and the month on Saturday October 1st a night of live music and spoken word entertainment gives a voice to the unsung and under-represented members of our society.

A monthly series of Poetry Open Mic nights is running through to the end of 2022. Added to this, regular creative writing workshops, stand-up comedy nights and of course art classes ensure that wherever your talent lies, this is a place where it can flourish.

To quote Jon Powell:

“Finding a home at 210 High Street has given us stability. As proud as we are of our ability to adapt, there are definite advantages in the Elysium having a permanent base. This space is now acting as a magnet for talented people all over the city, and once they walk through our door we do everything possible to develop that talent and help it find the audience it deserves.”

The people of Swansea have an Aladdin’s Cave of creativity available on their doorsteps, and it’s not reserved for a minority. The Elysium ensures that art, in all its forms, is for everyone.

Browse the classes and workshops on offer at the Elysium here

Take a virtual tour of the Elysium here


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