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Getting Through it Together

The People’s Library and the Fuel Bank Foundation are here to support our neighbours in Fuel Crisis


We’ve had many conversations with community groups, charities and individual families about the mounting problems so many of us are facing with spiralling living costs, and the challenge of heating and lighting our homes. For the past year and a half, the People’s Library has partnered with the Fuel Bank Foundation, a registered charity that provides emergency one-off payments to people in fuel crisis.


We’re proud to have used this partnership to support our friends and neighbours with timely payments over the past two winters. The days are gradually getting longer and warmer now, but that doesn’t mean all of our problems have been solved or that all of our needs have become less urgent.


If you know someone who uses a pre-payment domestic meter for their electricity or gas supply, and is in or approaching fuel crisis, with little or no credit left, we can help.


The People’s Library acts as an intermediary, connecting people in need with the Foundation via their online portal. Vouchers are typically issued within 24 hours and payee confidentiality is protected. Your energy supplier will never know that you’ve received this gift, and neither will anyone else.


This is a one-off payment intended to help you get through a crisis period and give you breathing space to find a sustainable long-term solution.


If you need us, or you know someone else who does, we’re here for you. Contact us at


It might get cold and it might get dark but please remember,

you’re not in this alone.


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