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Leaving a Light On

The Fuel Bank Foundation is here to help you, and the People’s Library is here to connect you with them

In recent months this newsletter has discussed the mounting problems so many of us are facing this winter with spiralling living costs, and the challenge of heating and lighting our homes.

Emergency loans from energy suppliers might paper over the cracks, but sooner or later loans need to be repaid. The People’s Library is partnered with the Fuel Bank Foundation, a registered charity that provides emergency one-off payments to people in fuel crisis that do not need to be repaid.

For clarity, we’re going to tell you precisely what they offer and precisely how you can get it.

The Fuel Bank Foundation can support people who use pre-payment domestic meters. If you don’t have a pre-payment meter, we’re sorry but we can’t help you.

The Foundation supports people who are in Fuel Crisis. That means your meter is at zero and you have no gas or electricity supply, or you’re in imminent danger of that happening.

The People’s Library acts as an intermediary, connecting people in need with the Foundation via their online portal, so you can have a direct conversation with someone who’s able to help you as quickly as possible.

The Foundation will supply a payment voucher that’s suitable for your energy supplier, and on request they can split the payment between gas and energy suppliers.

Payments are typically made within 24 hours and are equivalent to the cost of one week’s energy usage.

Payments are made direct to the people who need them. No money passes through the hands of the People’s Library and payee confidentiality is protected. Your energy supplier will never know that you’ve received this gift, and neither will anyone else.

This is a one-off payment intended to help you get through a crisis period and give you breathing space to find a sustainable long-term solution.

If you use a pre-payment meter and you’re in fuel crisis, or if you know someone who is, please contact us at or via Social Media immediately and set up a call so we can help you. And remember you can reach us in person at one of our Warm Centres between Monday and Saturday.

It might get cold and it might get dark, but please remember you’re not in this alone.


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