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Local author strikes gold with popular thriller sequel

Join Peter Black for a Q&A and a reading from his latest novel


Saturday, September 16th




Brynhyfryd Library, 417 Llangyfelach Road, Swansea SA5 9LH

Swansea has an enviable reputation as a place of creativity and culture. That’s what attracted Peter Black here as a teenager, when he came to study literature at Swansea University. Luckily for us, he stayed, and in four decades of public service as a Councillor, National Assembly Member and Lord Mayor, his contribution to the city and its people has been stellar.

In recent years Peter has combined his civic duties with another passion; fiction writing. His first three novels established him as a master storyteller. Peter’s knack of creating engaging characters and snappy, intriguing plots won him a dedicated following. Now, with the publication of The Morgan Sheckler Legacy, Peter is giving his readers more of what they want.

“I was thrilled with the response to each of my previous novels” Peter shared, “and when readers asked me if I had plans for a sequel to The Assassination of Morgan Sheckler I saw the potential.”

With this fourth novel, Peter invites us back into a world of political intrigue and ambition. Racy and rewarding, it begins with a recap of the previous book’s action that makes it just as enjoyable for new readers as existing fans. Reader reviews tell their own story:

“It’s fast-paced while always giving its characters time to grow and breathe”

“Entertains the reader and never short-changes us”

“You’ll have to buy this book to learn about Morgan Sheckler’s legacy, but Peter Black’s legacy as a novelist is already clear; he’s a first-rate storyteller who always delivers a great read”

On Saturday, September 16th, Peter Black will be reading excerpts from The Morgan Sheckler Legacy at a special event at Brynhyfryd Library that will also feature an audience Q&A. Food and drinks will be provided free of charge, and Peter will be signing copies of the book for anyone who makes a purchase. The Legacy of Morgan Sheckler costs £10 and is worth every penny. Join Peter on September 16th and find out why.

To find out more about this event, email or call us on 07530 245093.


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