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My Swansea, My People, My Life

Some people have a gift for capturing a moment, in a handful of well-chosen words, in the colours of a palette, or through a deftly handled lens.

Nathaly Buitrago came to this country from her native El Salvador as a 15-year-old. Her journey into adulthood has seen her not only embrace her new surroundings and become a cherished member of the community but also use her visual flair to capture the world around her, one image at a time.

On April 5th the People’s Library was proud to launch an exhibition of Nathaly’s photos at Swansea Grand Theatre. Drawing inspiration from the family and friends she loves and the city she’s become an integral part of, Nathaly finds beauty and narrative in details that less talented people might easily miss. It will be no surprise to anyone who knows the Buitrago family that Nathaly’s mother, Roxana, inspires her more than anyone or anything else. That’s what mothers and role models do. Nathaly and her brother Daniel and sister Rebecca were at the Grand Theatre on April 5th not only as exhibitors but also as proud children. They have a lot to be proud of.

My Swansea, My People, My Life will be exhibited until May 5th at the Grand Theatre Multicultural Hub, Singleton Street, Swansea, SA1 3QJ (Digital Room, 1st floor). Admission is free. Call in and see the world through Nathaly’s eyes.


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