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The Equalizer

Some of us always have too much. Some of us never have enough. That’s a general problem, and also a very specific one that Sian Willemse is working hard to resolve.

Sian is Managing Director of Habitat Joy CIC, Swansea’s newest community interest company.

The company supports people who, for whatever reason, find their homes cluttered to a point where they are overwhelmed. Some of Sian’s clients are families with busy lifestyles; they have too many non-essential possessions and too little time to sort through them. Others need the service as a fundamental health and safety priority; people living with disability or who are vulnerable for other reasons may need coaching in how to follow a decluttering process and, step by step, make their homes more liveable again. Sian and her team are skilled not only in solving these organizational problems but also in ensuring that people feel respected throughout the process. Sian’s message to Habitat Joy clients is clear:

“This is your home and your life. We’re here to help you enjoy it and live it the way you want.”

Since November 2021, Sian and her team have offered workshops under the name Swansea Squirrels, giving people a safe, supportive environment where they can seek advice and support in regaining control of their space. Sian’s natural empathy and understanding makes her an ideal person to approach.

“Many people who live in cluttered conditions find themselves becoming increasingly isolated. We all want to take pride in our homes, and untidiness can make us embarrassed to invite friends or family to visit. Swansea Squirrels offers a safe space where people can meet the team and explore the ways we can support them, at their pace and their convenience.”

This service, as valuable as it is, only makes up part of what Sian and her team offer the community. For every home that needs a clearout, there’s another that would benefit from donations of clothing, craft materials and other items. Habitat Joy can help. Habitat Joy does help. It’s a social equalizer, and it’s ready to start helping you.

Future meetings of Swansea Squirrels will take place at Manselton Community Centre in Elgin Street. To find out when, or for more information on Habitat Joy and to speak with Sian and her team, visit the company website or contact them by email today.


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