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The Never Ending Story

Where is a library’s place in a community? Right at the heart

The moment we open a book, we begin a journey that can last as long and extend as far as we choose. A story we read as a ten-year-old can be re-read at twenty, forty, sixty or eighty and mean something new each time. Read “To Kill a Mockingbird” as a child and you may identify with Scout or Jem. Read it as a parent and you may walk in the shoes of a man trying to educate and protect his daughter and son. Read it as someone who’s experienced discrimination and you may react to the injustices the book outlines in any number of ways. Books are a gift that keep on giving, and libraries are their home.

Brynhyfryd Library is a community centre, making visitors of all ages and backgrounds feel welcome and included. It’s a place where we’re encouraged to explore, aspire and achieve. This winter the Brynhyfryd Library management team, Sarah Williams and Eric Hogan, will offer that encouragement in many ways.

Half-term week is always a busy time for parents, and they will find a hive of stimulating, enjoyable activity here with a range of creative writing, storytelling and craft workshops

Family history workshops offer free access to Ancestry and Find My Past. Visitors also have free digital access to newspapers and magazines, and Sarah and Eric offer training in the use of the library’s tablets to users who may not have online access at home. After-school activities are an invaluable and fun extension of education, and Sarah and Eric’s commitment to the community will soon be seen in the Saturday coffee mornings that are a key element of the Warm Centres Project. Above all, Brynhyfryd Library offers a daily reminder of the pleasure and value of reading. Why not find out for yourself?


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