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Through the Eyes of our Friends

Over the past few months, the Wednesday Club at St Phillips Community Centre in Swansea have applied their talent to a photography project, sharing their unique view of the world with each other. It soon became clear that their photos deserved a wider audience, and on Wednesday November 16th, we launched an exhibition of these images. You can see them on display at Swansea Grand Theatre until December 9th, after which they’ll be viewable on a dedicated page of the People’s Library website.

We’ll let the photographers speak for themselves.

These photos are a way of me saying how much I love living in Swansea. West Cross and Mumbles in particular. I love the castle and imagine the battles that took place there, and I love the views from that castle, telling me it was a fight worth having. On a beautiful day, I look out from where I live and think, nature is beautiful and the colours of the trees and leaves make beautiful happen.

Sarah Falvey

Photography is a passion of mine and I love sharing my pictures with others. To me photographing nature, with its glorious pallet of colour, texture and landscape, allows me to forget about my world and immerse myself in a world of unlimited beauty. If I ever want evidence of how beautiful life is, well, I take a picture and reflect. Please reflect yourselves and enjoy my art.

Roger Janes

My pictures represent my view on landscape which is delightful , different and seemingly silly to others. However, my world is full of colour, playfulness and muse. Who wouldn’t want a trusted and faithful friend like Gromit? And surly Wallace lives a life we all yearn for, full of fun, experimentation and companionship.

Matthew McTaggart

Parks are wonderful places, full of nature's delight, beauty and wonder. They allow me to escape the city and breath the air of Kings. Free of petrol and pollution, with their landscape befitting of faraway places, it's hard to believe they are literally next door; like a good neighbour with a welcoming brew.

Enjoy my photographs as l enjoyed capturing my escape.

Shaun Gillespie

I took photos of horses because they are a big part of my life. I wanted to capture them so people could share in this. I spend time at the weekends feeding the horses and making sure they are okay.

Thank you for sharing in my love of these beautiful animals.

Amerdip Virdee

Holidays to me are more important than just getting away and enjoying the sunshine, views and the beautiful flowers. They are a time when I can be closer to my family, enjoy their company and spend quality time together, away from the hustle & bustle of life. Holidays are just that, family time and a time of much happiness. I hope that is reflected in my photographs and my in my big beaming smile.

Sian Rees

I love flowers. I love their smell, their form and the way they reach out for the sunlight. Like an early morn stretch, flowers start the day full of anticipation, positivity and beauty; always made up and ready for what life has to throw at you. Like an actress from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

“I’m ready for my close up,” she says.

Julie Potts

For me, Swansea isn’t just a place. Swansea represents a part of my childhood that can never be replaced. The pure childish joy of seeing cats in my neigbourhood is still something that resides deep within me. For me, my beloved cats make Swansea as unique and beautiful as the beach.

Naomi Anderson

To come home after an exhausting day can often be overwhelming, but to come home to two beloved pets who show unconditional love is what makes it worth it. I love my dogs and I love my home city, and I hope my photos show you why.

Alex Nash

St Phillips Wednesday Club is a perfect example of a group of people coming together to share ideas and life experiences, showcasing existing talents and developing new ones. They’re already planning their next project, and we’ll keep you informed on their progress.

If you’re part of a group that would like to exhibit your art or show your creativity in short stories or poetry, contact us at In 2023 The People’s Library will publish a series of books of poetry and prose by local authors, including the stories of talented schoolchildren who are working with us on a creative writing project as part of the Winter Warmers project. You’re welcome to join us in this project; just drop us an email or call in to one of our Warm Centres.

Keep painting, keep drawing, keep writing, keep taking photos, keep doing whatever it is that helps you show your creativity. And if you want someone to help you do it, we’re right here.


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