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Time to say Thank You

Two years ago, during COVID-enforced lockdown, we were invited to take to the streets and clap for the NHS. The professionals who do so much to keep us safe – nurses, doctors, first responders, health courier service providers – deserve more than applause. They deserve pay rises, which many of us would say are long overdue. We may not have the power to influence that, but we can at least listen to what they have to say.

When NHS workers ask us to recognise others, it’s always worth listening. This summer Allan Mayes of NHS Wales Health Courier Service (HCS) is asking us to donate to the Mumbles Lifeboat Station.

In almost two centuries of selfless service, Mumbles lifeboat crews have saved countless lives and received 33 awards for gallantry. Every time a lifeboat volunteer turns up for duty, they know the risks. A total of 18 lifeboat volunteers have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives in the line of duty.

This summer you can show your appreciation to both the NHS Courier Service and Mumbles Lifeboat Station.

Please donate whatever you can at this Just Giving page.

It’s time to say thank you.


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