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"Care" is More Than Just a Word

During the COVID-enforced lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, the efforts and sacrifices of healthcare professionals got the attention and admiration they deserved. Two years on, they are still giving everything they have to make others feel loved, respected and safe.

The Hollies care home in Pontarddulais is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when public sector professionals make it their business to improve people’s lives in any way they can. Home to a group of older residents, among whom dementia is common, the Hollies is a place of warmth and welcome where people are empowered to make new friendships, and reminded of the good lives they’ve led and the happiness they’ve brought to others. There’s nothing generic about the care provided; the personalities and preferences of each individual are respected, their self-esteem and sense of identity constantly reinforced.

As part of their constant support for residents, the Hollies management and support team are working alongside the People’s Library on an art project that will celebrate the lives of residents, both publicly and privately.

People’s Library Project Manager Sara Madi is proud to be leading the way:

“The Hollies is a wonderful place, where all residents are respected and valued. Every time I speak with these people and the professionals who care for them, I learn about the interesting things they have done in their lives. I’m leading research, gathering photographs and written material that can be used to tell their individual stories. One lady, for example, travelled to Australia in the 1960s and worked as a nurse in Adelaide for two years. Our research revealed which ship she sailed on, which places she visited on the way, and which uniform was worn by nurses in South Australia State hospitals where she worked during that two-year period. We are now recreating these memories for this lady as part of a wall mural at the Hollies and also in the form of a personal memory book we’re compiling for her. She is a lovely human being, she has led a wonderful life and like all Hollies residents she is surrounded by people who want to help her celebrate it.”

The Hollies wall mural will be unveiled later this month, and Sara looks forward to helping more and more people reclaim their happy memories and take pride in their accomplishments.

“My parents raised me to respect older members of society, to learn from them and cherish what they have to teach me. Meeting the residents at the Hollies, and seeing the wonderful work of the people who support them, has deepened these feelings and made me even happier to be part of this community. I love Swansea, and I believe the residents and staff at the Hollies represent the very best of the city.”

Thank you Sara, and thank you to the Hollies management and staff who never stop working to improve the lives of those in their care.


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