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With a Little Help From Our Friends

An estimated 16 million people in the UK have some form of disability. That’s 24% of the total population. For young people navigating the early stages of their journey through life, a disability adds challenges. The resilience and personality Wales’s young disabled people show in rising to these challenges inspires us. So do the charities that support them.


Friends of the Young Disabled was established in 1985 and in the four decades since, it’s been a beacon of support for young people in the Swansea area. Those of us who lived through the 1980s have good and not so good memories of those times. It’s fair to say that the attitude to disability in Britain was less enlightened and more patronising. When Friends of the Young Disabled first opened its doors, it quickly established itself as a place where young people would not only be supported, but also respected.


That spirit of respect and empowerment has never waned. Today, the charity’s headquarters is equipped with an IT suite, an art room, a training kitchen and meeting rooms with a range of skill-building opportunities. It also has a play room, a music therapy room, a sensory room, a pool room and an attractive garden offering ample opportunities for fun and relaxation. It’s a place where skills, confidence and friendships are nurtured. It's a force for good.  


It’s also an organisation that deserves financial support, and on Friday May 10th it will get it.


As one of Swansea Lord Mayor Graham Thomas’s chosen charities, Friends of the Young Disabled will host a fundraising quiz night. Guests will enjoy an entertaining evening, with burgers, hot dogs and hot and cold drinks on offer.


Tickets are £5 per person, or £20 for a team of six.


Every penny spent will go to a charity that’s made a vital contribution to our community for almost 40 years, and, with public support, will continue to make it for at least 40 more.


To learn more about Friends of the Young Disabled’s charity quiz night, to book your ticket for May 10th, or to learn more about making a donation or offering your services as a volunteer, visit their Facebook page or call or message 07979 415354.


The Gordon Moore Centre, 300 Carmarthen Road, SA5 8NJ



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