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Why Meghan Markle is to Blame For All Your Problems

Or Is She?

There’s something sourly appealing about being invited to point the finger at someone you’ve never met and have no responsibility to, and blame them for everything that’s wrong with your country and your life. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth, a large number of people have pointed the finger at Meghan Markle.

Let’s take a look at her rap sheet.

She held hands with her husband as they walked side by side following the Queen’s coffin procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, an occasion that not only marked the death of his grandmother but also echoed the harrowing experience he had as a twelve-year-old after the death of his mother. It’s possible that he found the experience painful and was thankful for the support of a loved one, but in the watchful eyes of her critics, that was no excuse for Meghan’s disgraceful breach of protocol. They weren’t the only royal couple to hold hands during the procession, of course, but the others, who coincidentally were white and British, somehow managed to escape criticism.

She manipulates the media with tacky photo opportunities, such as a visit to Uvalde, Texas in May of this year, a few days after a school shooting that cost 19 children their lives. Media commentators condemned her blatant attention-seeking. But she made the visit unannounced, dressed casually and didn’t alert the media. People who actually live in Uvalde, who were still reeling from the tragedy, commented that she spoke to them as a friend, treated them with unaffected kindness and went out of her way not to draw attention to herself.

Uvalde community volunteer Gloria Contreras told BuzzFeed News:

“I had no idea who she was. She just was carrying on a conversation like she and I knew each other for years. We were talking about Texas and Uvalde and how it is to be in a small town and how everybody is so kind and warm-hearted.”

If this was attention-seeking, it took a very unusual and subtle form. She isn’t the only member of the royal family to have visited a community in the aftermath of a tragedy, of course, but the others, who coincidentally were white and British, somehow managed to escape criticism.

She’s only in it for the money.

If that’s true, she’s followed a quirky path over the past five years. A successful, actress before her marriage, she gave up a lucrative career (and how many royal spouses have ever been able to say that?) and then, along with her husband, kissed goodbye to a lifetime of comfort on the Civil List. She’s made a choice not to accept any more British taxpayers’ money.

You might not think she deserves a round of applause for that, but does she really deserve to be treated like a pantomime villain? Yes, she lives in a nice house and appears to have a happy life in the United States, but we’re not paying a penny towards it, so why the hate?

She’s ruined Prince Harry’s life and should give him more love and support.

Such as, holding his hand when he’s heartbroken over the death of his grandmother? Hold on, that rings a bell, doesn’t it?

If you’re unhappy with the way things are going for you and for this country at the moment, you may well have good reason to be. If you’re struggling to pay the bills, worried about your career prospects or unsure how you’re going to keep your house warm this winter, that’s understandable. But if you want to be angry with someone, maybe there are more deserving targets? Maybe you should take a closer look at the people who, unlike Meghan Markle, are making decisions that affect your life? Maybe you should take a closer look at the people who, unlike Meghan Markle, are managing, spending and drawing salaries from the taxes you pay?

If you don’t like the taste of your tea, maybe you should stop blaming a person who’s never visited your house and take a closer look the people filling your kettle, and what they’re filling it with? It’s just a thought.

We all have problems. Whatever yours are, I hope you get the support you need to solve them. If the People’s Library can help you, we will. And I hope you’ll keep it in mind that maybe, just maybe, Meghan Markle isn’t to blame for any of them.


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